Clandestine Valentine One Installation for the First Generation MR2


        Photo 1.                                               Photo 2.

Note the Valentine One remote display unit (Photo 1.) is installed
where the clock normally resides.  You'll need to tape the clock
buttons from the back to prevent them from falling out. A on-off
switch, formerly an ECT switch, mounted below the windshield wiper
control, came from a junked automatic transmission MR2.  The radar
detector is embedded in the visor (Photo 2.), which required slitting
the visor, removing the inner materials, and then sewing the visor back
up.  While it may impede forward reception somewhat, I have kept the
metal rod at the back of the visor in place, but I have opened up a
slit in the back of the visor for the forward-facing antenna.  When
sewn  up the modes can be changed by pressing on the front of the
visor, but volume cannot be altered.  Note the RJ-ll female-female
piece (Photo 2.) at the corner of the visor.  This allows for quick
removal of the visor/detector, while allowing the chord to run down the
A-pillar to underneath the dash.

Thanks to Dave Kucharczyk for the idea and Cy Earley for help with the

Bill Mabon
1989 Supercharged